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Hey all,

I'm wondering about what mods I should consider to make an Ibanez 2680 more "cowboy fancy" like. Major things I'd like to do are add a middle single coil, add coil taps for the hum-buckers, and replace the three-way switch with on/off for each pickup. Some questions:

The guitar I have doesn't have the original hum-buckers. Are the stock PUs in a 2680 basically PAF clones? Is there a PU you'd recommend?

What about the middle single coil? Any recommendations?

As for switches - where can I find the type of on/off switches for the pickups similar to what's on Cowboy?

I've done a bit of research about the MC400-500 active EQ that's in the cowboy guitar and that seems pretty interesting but they seem really difficult to come by. Is there a modern recommendation? Otherwise I might forgo that for now. Seems like something I could easily replicate with a pedal anyway.

Thanks so much!!
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Think your best bet is to work with MK above.

But I'll start by giving generic advice:
- PAF type pickups. Peary Gates are good modern ones!
- The mini toggles are: series parallel and single
- Out of Phase switching was included as well

My main Weir type guitar uses the tone pot to engage OOP.

^^ recipe above for getting into the zone. There are other and more purist ways to get there.
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Thanks for the tips! I’m getting those pickups and eq from MK and I’ll post more follow ups when the guitar’s all put together.
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heymur1 wrote: Fri Feb 12, 2021 6:44 pm MK any other of the same PU’s lying around you’d like to unload? Looking for 3 myself.
I have two of the three pickups. The last one you would need to find elsewhere.

If interested, PM me.