#153437  by strumminsix
 Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:25 am
flyingheelhook wrote:I am crazily contemplating putting a Sarno Black Box in front of my Kemper and running the Earth Drive in the Effects Loop... after a few other investments... :lol:

but seriously, thanks for the insight Brad, I bet it was a huge thrill and very nice to see him using your products!!! :cool:
No, not at all. As my needs have changed I keep thinking about changing my board and adding a BB as first stop in my chain. Waiting to hear back from Brad :-)
 #153498  by ski_rick
 Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:00 pm
nopunin10dead wrote:+1 on the Shoreline sound. I was on the lawn, not far above the railing, close to a video screen. Otiel came through nicely, whereas last December at SF Civic I barely heard him. Bobby sounded fine, and John was a pleasure (OK, he overplayed a little). But watching one of the Alpine shows webcast, I saw closeups of all the techniques that John used. Quite an arsenal, including plenty of stuff that Jerry never did, but John made it fit nicely.

My only complaint is those s-l-o-w tempos!! But as I'm getting older I understand why (that; and scrambling lyrics, which I'm doing more of!). :lol:
+2 On the Shoreline sound, we were 2/3rds of the way back on Oteil's side in the bowl and the sound was fantastic. Bobby's tone is as good as ever IMHO.

Sounds is always rough in the Bill Graham, not my favorite venue.

Also, +1 on the s......l.......o........w tempos. As my buddy says, these guys ain't in no hurry to get anywhere soon. I'd really love to see John and Oteil take the band for a fast ride at some point.