#150806  by shadowboxer
 Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:48 am
Has anyone ever figured out which guitars Weir used for the most shows while playing with the Grateful Dead? I'm guessing that the black Casio/Moduolus is up there at the top or near the top of this list. Any other thoughts?

Also, regarding the Casio, does anyone know what pickups were in it? The pictures I can find show what looks like a Strat middle and bridge with another one in between them. EMG's? Did it ever have the humbucker in the bridge with the two single coils in the neck and middle like the original Casio model?

Finally, does anyone know when Bob last played it in public? Was it ever used in Ratdog or Furthur?
 #151150  by tigerstrat
 Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:25 pm
The first ones to come to mind were the red Gibson ES-345 of the 60's and early 70's, and the Cowboy Fancy Ibanez, although there were more than one of those...