#175475  by PaulReed69
First I do need to put a plug in...the Eastwood BW Artist guitars are wonderful guitars!!! (Especially if you can get one sale - every once in a while the have 15-25% off)

But the pickups aren't as articulate as I would like...any recommendations for replacements? What research I've done is that Bob's cowboy had.
- Dimarzio Virtual PAF DP196 (neck)
- Dimarzio Virtual Vintage DP410 2.2
- Dimarzio Virtual PAF DP197 (bridge)

I'm not going to install the middle single coil (or at least I don't think so) but if I can't find originals Dimarzo: then I always have the options of their updated:

But any other recommendations? Seymour Duncan antiquities? Lollar? Thanks!
 #175522  by SpiralRDE
The Eastwood BW is a wonderful canvas
If you haven't already I would replace the cheap parts on it before you worry about pickups, those imports come with some nasty alloy parts and cheap wiring. Just about any set of tuners and bridge/tailpiece is an upgrade from what it has on it. Gotoh is a go to if you're trying to keep it cheap, Faber USA and Hipshot are nearly top of the line for a good price.
There is a library of knowledge on Bobby pickups here, but I suggest that you keep the stock pickups and try a 1000K pot or a coil split/tap first. That might save you from having to buy high end humbuckers. If you do solely go for the pickup upgrade keep your research vast and wide, those DiMarzios won't give you exactly what you're looking for in Bobby tone. Especially if you're not adding the single coil to the mix.
Good luck with the project :cheers: