#173508  by soundsearcher
Bobby's playing and sound was on this last tour was better than ever but there wasn't an amp on stage at any of the shows. he must be using a modeler of some sort - does anyone know what he was using?
 #173513  by strumminsix
Interesting... Clearly nothing behind him. The shows I recalled he had Vox amps either projecting forward or upward. Also recalled seeing amps I couldn't identify. Bobby seems to rarely stop changing his setup... I'll do some digging :)
 #173524  by lbpesq
My understanding is that the Black Box comes first in the chain so that it can interact with the pickups. I remember contacting Brad Sarno to ask about using the Black Box with a wireless and he told me Bobby uses a wireless going into the BB. Not sure what it would do placed at the end of the chain.

Bill, tgo
 #173528  by strumminsix
Yup, 63 Reverb Boss pedal.

I'm relaying from first hand witness from talking with Bobby and seeing the rig.

He used to run the BB after his wireless unit. Now running after as final sweetener.

Having used tube buffers I can confirm that they work well first (so the guitar can see it), middle (after fuzz), end final sweetener.

In my experience, no challenge to Brad or Bobby, if running wireless, the guitar never sees the tube buffer and sounds better at the end.
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