#93291  by Jon S.
 Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:08 am
That's a cool PUP setup, Johnnyboy. I'm with ya! Now that my custom Jerrycaster (pictured in my prior post) is done (received it about a year ago), I'm finally revisiting and resetting my original Warmoth-J'caster that served as my prototype for the custom model (pictured below before I pulled some of its parts to complete the custom one). For that one, I'm going now with a Super Distortion bridge and Super II's in the middle and neck.
 #93292  by CoolBreeze
 Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:22 am
Beautiful guitars!

While not totally on-topic, I have a question about the super distortion pickups. On my PRSs, I run a P-90 sized SD at the bridge- and I just love it. (oh yeah- don't try to split those coils- instead of top/bottom, it splits left/right :oops: )

So while building up a couple other guitars that had humbucker routings, I went with what I know and put in a full size SD at the bridge. It behaves totally differently- (too much "honk"- I don't want no "honk"!) than the smaller version. I'm not too fond of it, but then again PUs are a very subjective thing. Is that just due to mass/magnet size, string pull, etc?

I was just surprised at the difference-

 #93298  by JonnyBoy
 Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:21 am
according to Dimarzio, and many that have complained about the same issue with P90's v's full sized humbuckers, They finally came out with a super Distortion that is supposed to retain the P90 characteristics, but also knocks up the tonal palate to that of a super distortion. I have not heard them used or played them myself so I do not have any first hand knowledge of this claim, but they are new and I have been pleased with dimarzio's taste and product claims.


I almost won a vintage super distortion set on ebay, but had a gig and someone bought them a dollar more!! The ones that look like p90s but are not. :cry: On the other hand, I think I will like the others better anyway.
 #93510  by JonnyBoy
 Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:47 am
I just got my new axe wired and playing. It is a neck through 1978 Japan made ibanez looking, but the horns are rounded and equal size and shape. I will have pics soon, I don't have a working camera right now. even my phone doesn't work.

Anywhose, the EJ custom was as expected, nice high end with the warm vintage sound of AlNico magnets. Instead of a 5 way I have each on a SPST switch and each split coil. I did not mess with phasing except for turning the super II around and compensating for that ala Rosebud. The sound is way more Jerry like as compared to my les paul version, and it plays like a dream after a complete dressing and polish. I am waiting for the fret stickers and inlay stickers and it will be complete!!!! I am sure the EJ custom in the middle would give a fine Jerry tone, even though I am using it in the neck of this guitar. The split version is not weak at all....

I cant get the super distortion to split in the bridge for some reason, its not the switch since it is working for the EJ custom. Wiring is ala Rosebud except for the pickup selector. Other than the obvious broken switch or short in the wire, would wiring the pickups this way cause it not to split? I wouldn't think so.....