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What’s up folks. First post here. I wanted to know if anyone has the exact measurements of the location of Jerry’s pickups. I’m particularly interested to know the exact distance between the bridge and the bottom edge of the middle pickup. I’ve modified some Strats with Super II’s and the middle pickup just doesn’t sound quite right. I feel like it may need to be slightly closer to the bridge, but I could be wrong. I’ve looked around and haven’t been able to find any info on this.
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Wow- we went through that in excruciating detail here years ago. Try a search, but those threads might have got lost in "The Great Purge"? There are a few people left here that have that information, stay tuned.
 #174342  by Jon S.
This may assist you.

Have a look at my Philtone Jerrycaster below. You'll note that there's a bit of space between the bridge 'bucker and the bridge that isn't present on the real Tiger.

IIRC, on the real Tiger, for the middle 'bucker, when it's split, the north (neck side) coil is active. On my guitar, because I was anticipating the specific issue, I wired the middle 'bucker to a 3-way mini-toggle that gives north coil-both coils-south coil. Indeed, as I expected, the north coil alone was lacking. But when I switched to the south coil alone, wa-la, perfection.

You might want to try something like this also with your guitar.

 #174349  by Chocol8
The real tiger had 24 frets plus the "open book" end to the fretboard so the pickups were squashed down toward the bridge. Rosebud was built with room for a midi pickup between the bridge and the first pickup, so the pickups were all slid toward the neck slightly and the fretboard ends right after the 24th fret.

Jon"s guitar looks closer to Rosebud spacing if not a touch more, but with only 22 frets.

If you want to "measure" you can take a good front on photo and use something of known dimensions as a reference, for example, the width of the Dimarzio pickups.
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Chocol8 wrote: Wed Mar 08, 2023 7:15 pm
If you want to "measure" you can take a good front on photo and use something of known dimensions as a reference, for example, the width of the Dimarzio pickups.
I think that's what we did at the time of the discussions. A select few have had access to Tiger and made actual measurements. The Dimarzio pickup dimensions are a great place to start.
 #174371  by Jon S.
mkaufman wrote: Mon Mar 13, 2023 3:00 pm Jon,

Can you provide more info on this device?

Actually, no, because all I did was an internet search for moveable guitar pickup and click on the first pic! :oops:
 #174377  by Jon S.
I found this quickly in my first search. There were lots of other diagrams in the images that came up that could also be helpful. My search terms were "wiring diagram one humbucker north south series"

 #174673  by cbliss409
The dimensions for the pickup positions on Tiger, that have been documented on this site many times and some years ago are as follows…

Tiger’s scale length is 25.5” (that is, nut to bridge)
Distance from inside edge of nut (that is, fretboard side edge) to midpoint of…
Bridge p/u = 24.06”
Mid p/u = 22.25”
Neck p/u = 20.5”
“Midpoint” means the separation line between the 2 single coils of each given p/u.
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