#173955  by zacwilli01
Hey all, I remember seeing a guitar on reverb a while back with replica tb500 pickups in them. I believe that Coscia guitars used them in some of his instruments. Does anyone have an ID on these? Or any information at all actually :shock:

 #173956  by Slewfoot2000
Jay Faires of Jerry Tone Store might know…and you could always reach out to Anthony Coscia…possible they were made by Electric Guitar Company who does the modern TB stuff.
 #173957  by Ross66
Jason Ferguson at JLF Audio is who makes those pups they’re kick ass! I have them in my Strat.
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 #173959  by Ross66
Damn I hate to hear this news! He was a great friend. I actually have a guitar with him now dang super bummed to hear this.
 #173960  by ac4468
Yes, Sadly Jason passed a few weeks ago. As I used these pups in one of my guitar models, I will be working on finding a way to continue having them made. Jason really didn't sell pups to any resellers so there are only a handful out there left excluding the sets I have allocated for current guitars.