#173872  by Darkstar860
Pan Black

Ordering one of these tomorrow ! :-)

TBD 1000S
-24.75 scale - rosewood fretboard
-12 inch fretboard radius
-highly figured MOP dot inlays
-1.75 nut width
-T6061-T65 aluminum neck
-1 piece Mahogany body
-Black Imron paint
-Schaller tuners
-TB high gain humbuckers(2)
-TB hard tail string through bridge
-CTS pots
-Switchcraft hardware
-Thermax coax cable
-Sprague caps
-hard shell case
-11.1 lbs
 #173873  by Slewfoot2000
Congrats and they are pretty awesome! Rock machines with a unique twang to them.
 #173874  by Darkstar860
Back in 09 I got to play an original 1976 model during our 2nd set at a festival in NY and since then ive wanted one. But they can bring some crazy $ and this one was built for someone else but was too heavy for them (I like weight), so it was reasonable for a 2021 model. Hopefully have it by fri or sat. Ill take some pics and videos.
 #173884  by Darkstar860
Its gonna be here Thur, so im gonna do a video of the Bean and some of my Wolf guitars thru my current setup. SMS>ART>JBLs. Cant wait, so excited to finally own a Bean ! :-)
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 #173885  by strumminsix
congrats!! didn't realize TB's were being made still
 #173886  by lbpesq
They are being resurrected by another company. Travis Bean, the company, folded in the 70’s. Bean then made a run of 24 guitars in the late 90’s. He died in 2011.

Bill, tgo
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 #173889  by NeilG1
Travis Bean Designs and the Electrical Guitar Company still build regularly. Custom designs or standard models. Obviously Travis is no longer with us, but original Bean builders are involved including Mark McElwee. I think Kevin Burkett builds them now, and Travis’ widow is part owner. They even build reissues of both Jerry’s Beans. For a cool $10K one can be yours!
Absolutely stunning work. Their Instagram feed is better than a dirty magazine ;)

Very jealous you’re getting this guitar! Enjoy it
 #173890  by Darkstar860
Im excited, i never thought id own one of these. Ive stared at many pictures of these and was lucky enough to get to play a 76 TB for a 2nd set or for some of the 2nd set at a festival in Afton, NY (Echo Lake Park) back in 09 ? But anytime ive looked around for them they have been waaaay out of my price range for a model that im interested in. So i was lucky to find this on reverb and we were able to make a deal at a reasonable price.

For any of ya"ll who own or have owned one, any advice or things to watch out for with the design (other than the common sense stuff) ? Or any tips etc ? Thanks everyone. One more day of waiting and then Thur itll be here. I for sure will do a quick video with some of my Wolf guitars and Travis and a few G&L's I use. Those are my Dead guitars. I just need to find a camera man or woman to film me haha! But ill demo it thru the SMS>ART>JBL setup. I can also show you guys the Behringer Octave Divider with the Micro-tron. It gets pretty nuts. I just need a Bi-Phase and im done with effects on this board.

I know the Travis Bean i ordered doesnt have a preamp, but if you were to add one to this guitar which one would you folks recommend ? Thanks and take care
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 #173895  by Darkstar860

Quick little video of first opening the case up.


Ill def be doing some videos later tonight and tomorrow, but for now theres a little eye candy. Weighs 11.3lbs. I thought my Wolf's were heavy ! haha. Plays like a dream and the tone is perfect for my deaf ears, lots of brighter harmonics behind notes.

More to come ! :-)


I did change two of the knobs to ones i could read the numbers on.

^ Inside the control cavity, nice clean wiring work.
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 #173896  by NeilG1
Enjoy it. Stunning axe.
 #173902  by Darkstar860

Heres a sloppy jam i did earlier this AM. This is just the guitar straight into a cheap tube amp i have in my work room. Its a Monoprice Stage Right 15watt EL84 amp. I have 6p14p-ev power tubes in it and 6n2p preamp tubes in V1 and V2 and a RCA 12at7 in V3. Theres a new tank in it and a bunch of other mods ive done. Was a great amp for $100 shipped haha. I also took out the terrible Celestion 70/80 and have a Jensen C12K in it, Love it. I usually dont buy cheap tube amps but this amp after some work has been a lot of fun.

I didnt know what i was gonna play when i clicked record so this is just some random sloppy jam with some familiar riffs thrown in i guess haha.

I will post a video of the guitar thru my SMS>ART>JBL setup with no effects and then after that i will do a video with SMS>ART>JBL setup with my pedalboard etc. :-)
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 #173935  by Darkstar860
I had a Q for you Bean owners, how do you go about changing strings on yours ? Is there anything different i should be doing ? Reason i ask is i changed my strings and now ive got buzz at the first fret. The buzz was not there before the string change so i feel like something happened when i took the strings off. They didnt give me any special directions or anything so im not sure what is going on. Anyone who has any pointers for these and keeping them playing well thatd be awesome if you could share. Little frustrated right now as it was playing good but you could tell the strings needed to be replaced. So all i did was that and this is happening now. Also the action seems higher than i was before hand. Kinda strange, but before i message them i wanted to ask here. Thanks.

Also some one named Greg made adaptors for fitting standard humbuckers in these Beans. Interested in that if anyone knows where i could find info or reach out to him.


Seems like the neck just needed to settle. I would say, doing one string at a time with these aluminum necks is probably a good idea. It seems like once the strings were REALLY finished stretching and the guitar sat for about 40mins its back the way it was. But that kinda scared me haha, I was like... what do i do? lol!!! Thanks for listening folks. If ya needed a laugh today, i hope i could help make that happen with my shenanigans. :-)

 #173947  by Darkstar860
I just was given by a friend a 78 or 79 Kramer DMZ 2000! Its mint ! Guy bought it new and never learned how to play guitar. I tried giving him some money for it, but he just said "Thanks for keeping the magic of the Dead alive." . He's seen me live probably 100 times over the years. So i have to find something to give him or i dont feel right keeping it haha. I mean it means a lot that someone would give me something like this and thank me for performing. But i dont feel right. What would you do ?