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I have those connectors in my Sweetwater cart. I know many use small patch cables like I am right now. I made the mistake of getting white ones, where I think black ones would blend in a bit better.

Color aside, I really like the concept and the look of the ones you suggest.

I’m looking into getting one more pedal right now, and will get them when I figure out which one I’m getting.

Thanks again for pointing them out, I didn’t even know they existed.

Just a little crossover update, as all who are following my recent gear threads know, I got my amp yesterday, and had a few hours last night to play on it. I was completely taken back at how much better my pedals sounded through it. I was actually a bit disappointed in the MXR Distortion+, to the point I was seriously considering returning it and trying another. I was able to kinda dial in a few of Jerry’s tones with it, for instance Bucket. It just didn’t sound right through the Mustang II. At first I chalked it up to needing to find better setting, or something, but no matter what I did there was something missing, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Well I hooked up to the '65 Deluxe Reverb, and it was a night and day difference. Not just for the distortion pedal either, the QTron+ which I have been very pleased with sounds so much better too, as did the Carbon Copy Mini.

Anyhow, back OT
I’m fine using the 3M “Velcro” for the time being, especially since I’ll be adding a few more pedals and hitting them around to find what sounds best to me. I will want a more semi permanent option though a bit later. Something I can still move something if I need to, but has a good solid connection to the board itself.

Any suggestions, or what have some of you found to be the best route to go?
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Short of screwing everything into the board, which is what I do, the 3M Dual Lock is the next most secure option, IMHO. I think Bill mentioned it earlier in the thread.

One reason I prefer to screw everything down is that I'm a huge fan of micro sized pedals. With simple Velcro, they tend to rock from side to side when stepped on. Not an issue with the screws. Less noticeable with the Dual Lock.
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 #168191  by lbpesq
Not sure what you mean by 3M Velcro? 3M Dual Lock is the way to go. The sticky side is superior to the Velcro sticky side. I’ve often had Velcro peel off the bottom of pedals, especially mini pedals. Dual Lock stays put. Period. And it comes in different strengths - (warning, don’t put max strength on both the board and the pedal. You will have a very difficult time separating them!)

Dual Lock will keep your pedals solidly connected to the board, none of the rocking side to side you find with Velcro.

And congrats on the new amp! New stuff is great. I’m playing around with a new solder station I just bought on Amazon.

Bill, tgo
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 #168218  by lbpesq
I have the Ditto mini also. It records up to five minutes which is a lot longer than it seems once you are actually laying down tracks. It is tricky for live use - it’s difficult to get the timing right with only one switch and the double-tapping it requires. But for laying down some rhythm and then jamming along it works quite well. It’s also great for comparing amps and speaker cabs. I lay down some chords and/or riffs, then I can put my guitar down and let the looper play while I swap amps and speakers back and forth.

Bill, tgo
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 #168265  by wabisabied
LazyLightning72 wrote: Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:43 pm Man, that loop station is seriously fun to play with. It’s like having my own personal rhythm guitarist at all times, lol!
I’ve said many times that if it weren’t for my robot (loop station,) I’d probably have more friends!
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