#165980  by MikeInMarin
Hi folks. I’ve got some cool Jerry rig news for anyone like me who’s been looking for a more portable solution. I have been considering going the small combo route for a while but it just doesn’t make sense given the options and costs to really do it properly. So I’ve also been considering getting a Milkman “The Amp.”

Some of you may recall that I started a post on this over a year ago or so, and I finally got my act together.

After trading some emails with Tim Marcus, the owner at Milkman, and doing a lot of research, I decided to pull the trigger on The Amp this past weekend. It sells for $699 new. I am blown away.

Here’s a video I just did with it using a JBL k-120 and no other effects, other than some ditto looper, tho going through my full pedalboard. I could write a lot on my opinions, but I’ll just post this video and be happy to answer questions.

I also plan to do a shootout comparison with my main rig, which is an SMS CTP and McIntosh MC-50.

Tim was really great and told me he's patiently waiting for all the Jerry players not named "John Mayer" to discover The Amp. So I guess Mayer's a fan, though he doesn't go for the Jerry tone like many of the rest of us, so I'm not sure it's apples to apples, though clearly that's a great compliment for The Amp, in general.

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 #166110  by Alobar
That sounds really good man! Thanks for the clip. Every clip I have seen of this amp it always sounds really dull and muffled. You def got those snappy Jerry tones from it. Any other thoughts on comparing it to the Mc SMS set up?
 #166119  by Flanker_27
I've heard good things about this amp as well; would you guys know a good shop that stocks them in South-Western Europe? The thing is that I've been looking at houses for sale in the Algarve for the holidays, and having a small, portable amp is what I'll need in that situation (not that I'll carry it around between my main residence and there, but I don't want to install a large studio-grade sound system there either, a small amp is perfect). I'd prefer something in Portugal or Spain if possible, but any EU-based shop will do the trick.