#160081  by kyleciarrocchi
 Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:16 am
hey fellow deadheads and jerry tone enthusiasts,

I am kyle ciarrocchi of the band brand new crescent moon (dead cover band out of West Chester pa) and I play the jerry parts.

right now I have a Phred Dockstar Koa that I like to use for my jam band style functions, its a trey style guitar but I love the way it sounds and plays. as much as I'm totally cool with it, I think as my band has started to get more serious lately I should get more serious about my sound.

also I have a 1956 Massachusetts made hifi amp head that was modified (basically a Macintosh) into a custom cab with a celestion speaker. it lacks that jerry top sparkle treble sound though.

does anybody have any suggestions at all? does anyone make affordable guitars or can somebody upgrade a already jerry looking guitar for me or are there guitars that already do the trick? or can someone do all the cool jerry electronics to a jerry looking guitar or something? and also I need suggestions for my amp, anything I should use to help? or any pedals or an affordable nice twin or something?

my effects chain looks like

guitar-mutron-boss compressor-mxr badass distortion-boss super distortion (basically a tube screamer)-chorus-tc electronic nova repeater-custom really nice analog reverb pedal-danelectro spring king-tc electronic bona fide buffer-1956 HiFi head-Custom celestion cab

ooh also if your interested in my band, its all high school kids playing the dead. some call it the new age dead band, making sure the music never stops! keeping the deads music alive in todays world for all ages.
check out our
Instagram: @brandnewcrescentmoon
Facebook: @brandnewcrescentmoon
youtube: brand new crescent moon band
Soundcloud (bootlegs): brand new crescent moon

thank you! any help or advice is greatly appreciated
-kyle ciarrocchi
 #160082  by bzbz
 Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:30 pm
Hi! Welcome! Take a breath, poke around the Jerry guitar forums, read a lot - I did that for a long time before changing anything - and in the interim, a single coil guitar, middle pickup if you have one, thru a fender-type voiced amp will go a long way. Emphasize the treble on your amp, and de-emphasize the bass. And you might want to leave the compressor and chorus out of your chain too.....

You will learn a LOT - I sure did! And you will find luthiers, amp techs, and other wizards who will help you - but NOTHING you find here will overcome that your playing techniques.....