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LuvGOODDEADmusic wrote:This is a perfect example of crappy Jerry guitar. Take up the ukelele.
Oh great, ANOTHER Boston Grateful Dead cover band beef! Will this thread end up going to the Cream Puff War too?
 #133598  by tatittle
Indeed very nice feel and tone. Thanks for posting. I've actually been to the Stone Church even though Im not from the area...real grass roots kinda place. I definitely hear and like the vibe of you guys...theres alot to be said for not overplaying things. It can be tough to give deference to the song as a whole, not overplaying is not always easy for a guitar maniac. Who was it that said that the music happens in the spaces IN BETWEEN notes. Very true sentiment even if its isnt technically accurate...and a very important part of meshing well with others in the band/jam. Its sounds to me like your leads might even be more Jerrified by practicing the bluegrass part of Jerry's style: that flatpicking each note, often chromatically; combining that technique with tasteful improv is a real treat. I am also always suprised how much Jerry bends notes when I really listen/watch him....lotsa those half-step Strat type bends and double stops.

I wonder how much of the sound is the Musicmaster...those seem like potentially great little guitar amps, Champ with a real speaker.
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LuvGOODDEADmusic wrote:This is a perfect example of crappy Jerry guitar. Take up the ukelele.
What a contribution from a dude who has logged into this site with 3 different names from 3 different email accounts.

Banned this account for obvious reason. Will ban your LuvGOODmusic too.

Seeing as though peterinmass was your first, I'd suggest using that one or retiring it and starting fresh.

I personally don't care that you think his guitar sounds like crap. I don't care that you posted that. But it's not fair to the members to be logged on via multiple ID's. Pick one and go with it.
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and what's he got against ukulele? :-)
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Is that an accordian or a button-box in Masterpiece?

I'm not sure if I've ever heard an accordian in that tone, but as far as I'm concerned it freakin' belongs there! Very Zydeco and very Dead at the same time. I could listen to that addition all day.
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Well if you don’t care for my guitar playing, you definitely won’t like my uke playing…..but I love the uke!  Picked one up this summer and still having a blast with it.  Best thing about it has been the interest it has drawn from my kids.  Have not been able to get them to pick up a guitar, but they digging the uke.   Probably because I bought it more for me with no intention of trying to get them interested.  Ain’t that the way.
tattitle – thanks for taking the time to take a listen and provide feedback.  Yeah, flat picking and finger picking are areas I lack.  I am *only* 50, so I still have time to get ‘er done – just not my strong suit and have procrastinated too long in those areas.  I have more motivation than ever to improve my playing and technique.   Just gotta find the time.

Regarding the Musicmaster, I am just using it as a cab for an E120….pulled the amp head out.  They are not bad little amps, but I never warmed up to them even with some of the standard simple mods to brighten them up.  Funny, but I have 2.  Picked them up for short $ years ago…they were just sitting around….and it dawned on me that the cab was perfect as a speaker cab.  I run a twin into the speaker, or use as an extension cab for a deluxe reverb or Princeton reverb.  Very sweet tones from all those configs, no mods, and all plenty Jerry for me.
mgbills – yes, that’s our keyboardist playing an accordion.  Is a custom made instrument he commissioned from a maker in Italy I believe.  Such a cool instrument….and yes! , perfect for Masterpiece….we looking to integrate it in other tunes.  Too much fun.