#119492  by JonnyBoy
 Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:57 am
Yes the 906! That is what I have been eyeing. A sound guy that works with md 471 said he loves them on drums but for guitar try the e906. But like everything else having what Jerry had may be the best route. I think I'm gonna try the e906 and if that doesn't get my rigs true sound then I will splurge for the 471. I heard mixed results on the e609 though. I am eager to hear your recordings Jim. I like the idea of a roll off switch too.
 #119493  by JonnyBoy
 Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:10 am
You Guys using other mics are you happy with your SBD recordings or FOH tone? It amazed me the difference in my mic tone and a close recorded AUD recording with some high end stereo seinnheiser mics on a pole. The AUD recording got a perfect capture of my rigs tone while the presonus recording sounded middy and less dynamic. I know both are different animals but Jerry's SBD tone is awesome especially in the 80's. I may have to work with the board's EQ a bit too. I seem to clip the mic on loud clean high notes.
 #119507  by jeager
 Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:16 am
E609 or E906...or are we confusing the numbers. Mine says E609, have not really played with it much, i hand it to the sound guy and he plugs it in. I just did that 'compare your sound post' with it. Seems to work.
 #119516  by myoung6923
 Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:53 am
jeager wrote:E609 or E906...or are we confusing the numbers. Mine says E609, have not really played with it much, i hand it to the sound guy and he plugs it in. I just did that 'compare your sound post' with it. Seems to work.
No. There are 2 different ones. They are very similar though.
 #119517  by SarnoMusicSolutions
 Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:45 am
The E609 is the cheaper version. There were complaints that it just didn't live up to the highly regarded MD409 that was discontinued in the '90s. So Sennheiser came out with the more expensive E906 which is KILLER, very, very close to the original 409. All of these in this series of their "flat" mics sound really good on guitar cab's. It's a warmer, thicker tone profile than Jerry's long-time Sennheiser 421. Trey's tone was famously mic'd with the 409 back in the 90's. Santana too. SRV too. The 409 (and maybe the 906 too) is my hands down favorite guitar amp mic, unless I'm truly going for a Jerry tone.

Personally, I just can't ever get a good Jerry tone with a SM57. It's just got the wrong peak frequency and lacks a certain midrange fullness, makes the Jerry tone a bit too harsh and thin. Sm57 on a JBL is a risky combination. It can and does work, but you have to be very careful to keep the mic's capsule safely away from the metal dustcap or else it can get way too metallic and painful.

I must say though, while the 409, 609, and 906 sound great and will work ok, it's a bit TOO warm and fluffy for that crisp, focused Jerry sound. Not bad, but not totally accurate either.

You just can't beat the Sennheiser 421 for Jerry. It really does have the right presence peak and tone profile. Clear and sparkly and strangely just NOT harsh. It's a larger diaphragm too, so it really helps give body and meat to that thin Jerry sound. I think that for anyone who has invested in a Jerry rig and is going for that sound, the Sennheiser 421 needs to be part of that rig. It's somewhat essential. And look at a lot of Dead photos to learn where Healy liked to place and aim it. That can make a lot of difference too. Not too close to the metal dustcap, but not too far either. Find that perfect blend of paper and metal and it seems that keeping the capsule just barely outside the outer ring of the dustcap (which is the voice coil too) helps get a good tone.

 #119520  by Tennessee Jedi
 Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:34 am
mijknahs wrote:I was mic'd using a Sennheiser 609 last weekend and it sounded pretty good. I'll try to post some audio clips when I get a chance.

http://www.sennheiserusa.com/profession ... 600_500074

I'm gonna pick one up for a gig instead of using the SM 57 ... it fits the budget nicely
 #119522  by JonnyBoy
 Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:58 am
Do the old md421's have a switch to contour the lows like the new ones, and like all things are the current md421's different than the old ones that Jerry had? If they did have a switch do we know what Jerry set his mic to?

Thank you all for chiming in, besides an earth drive this Is the last piece of gear that I really need until I really need something else.