#175667  by bzbz
I just got back from the Sphere - and thoroughly enjoyed it,

The Dead were often experimenting, even creating, the latest in technology for lighting as well as sound -

And this was indeed a technological mind-blowing deal with spectacular immaculate sound, and fascinating use of led immersive technology

The actual Grateful Dead ended almost 30 years ago, what the heck is with you folks who think "Jerry must be spinning in his grave"? Few of us, including me, are doing what we did 40 and 50 years ago, why should our musicians be held to lack of growth or differences?

Life is expensive nowadays, and yet we manage to make shows don't we?

And the music is decent, as is the scene - still full of diversity with regard to age, socioeconomic status, substance use/sobriety, -

Geez, I loved last Friday's 1st set Help->Slipknot_> Eyes......

Imagine being stuck whining that this is no longer 1987!!!!! There is truth to some of that perspective, and loss - sure...

But that is not the entire picture....