#175639  by BenChampoux
Anyone using the Synergy SYN50/50 paired with the Sarno preamp? I'm looking for a single rack 2 channel tube amplifier. Running an ART sla100 now. Sounds good, but room for improvement in the warmth of the tone department

Thanks for any feedback
 #175643  by Searing75
Grab a Carvin DCM200L. They don’t make them anymore, but they sound great! Lack of warmth can come from many different issues as well.
 #175656  by strumminsix
Like any tube amp, it needs a certain amount of volume to get the richness.

As well as proper gain staging.

A tube power amp would not be something I'd look for in Jerry tone since he started preamp tapping his Twins to be powered by Macs very early on. He did that for both volume and tone.
 #175661  by Chocol8
They did it for more clean headroom, and initially used tube Macs. The other thing that is easy to miss is the solid state Macs they used behave more like tube amps in many ways due to their autoformers and lower damping factor. The Synergy 5050 is probably going to behave more like an MC2300 than a modern Class D SS amp.