#175572  by Dean Simonsen
Hey yall, I’m currently looking for some new pedals to add to the board.
I am looking for an octave divider for some of that 80s tone, I already know how good the newer mutron octave divider is but 300 is pretty steep so is there another octave divider out there that can compete?

If you have any other pedals that you think can be a good addition please share :wink:
 #175573  by lightningbolt
For under $150 bucks you can find yourself a used BOSS OC-2 and use the same pedal Jerry used for most of the late 80's and 90's.
 #175574  by caspersvapors
May not be the most popular choice but the Line 6 Hx One has been really great for covering a lot of the more niche sounds on my board - Octave, phaser, chorus, Leslie, also does a great Mu Tron. Its super easy to program and save a bunch of presets.

never really messed with digital modeling stuff prior to this pedal but Im super happy with it
 #175576  by Cumtax
Spectrum by Source Audio, it will also give you a WONDERFUL Mutron sound if you set it as an envelope filter
 #175580  by Searing75
Get a used Boss OC-2. Jerry used it, and imho, it’s better than the new Mutron, I have both,