#175263  by 19deadhead65
Hey now!

So I just noticed something that I figured I'd reach out and ask y'all about, has anybody EVER seen a photo of Jerry with Alligator when Alligator had the "Policeman Helper" badge sticker on the left horn? It seems to be the newest of all the stickers and least aged/affected.

There's photos of Jerry with Alligator at various times in it's appearance history, before/after the "Keep on Truckin" sticker, and whatnot. I just can't seem to find a photo of Jerry and Alligator where it bore that specific sticker. At one point there was a horse/cowboy sticker in that location.

I also find it odd that the Alligator sticker itself is in such great shape, being it is in the perfect location for wear over 50 years.
 #175266  by lbpesq
According to Waldo’s site, the Policeman’s Helper sticker wasn’t on the guitar when played with the Dead.

Bill, tgo
 #175284  by Darkstar860
Phred has many of the stickers for sale on his site. I stopped pputting any stickers on my guitars so theyd be more for me, rather than trying to emulate Jerry to a T. But if you need stickers, contact Phred or visit his site. You can find them on there :-)
 #175288  by lbpesq
I don’t see any stickers for sale on Phred’s site. You can get a set of Alligator, Harley Davidson, and Policeman’s Helper stickers at axetremecreations.com.

Bill, tgo
 #175291  by Darkstar860
If you go to the WOLF page you will see for $12 you can add the stickers. He doesnt have a link for the stickers, but if you email him he has all the different stickers for all the different guitars. They are $12 for both the Wolf ones and around same price for the other ones as well. Just shoot him an email, hes good at getting back in touch with. :-)
 #175293  by lbpesq
The OP was looking for Alligator stickers. The Phred site appears to have Wolf and later stickers, but I don't see any Alligator era stickers there.

Bill, tgo
 #175294  by Darkstar860
Huh thats weird. I know at one point he had those for sale as well. Still say ya email him ask. Been working with Phred on stuff for 10 years now. Hes always been good to me. :-)