#174416  by wleeds
what are you guys using for caps in your strat?
 #174419  by NeilG1
I've got a strat wired up Gator-ish. I put a 0.1 mfd 6P1 cap in it. I have a dual ganged tone pot (only 1 tone control on the guitar). 500K going to the neck, and 250 for the bridge and middle. Sounds great to my ear.
 #174421  by wleeds
Slewfoot2000 wrote: Fri Mar 24, 2023 11:09 am I have a 1950's style wiring harness from Hyperion Tone which is great.

Joe is happy to bounce ideas around and is very communicative. Highly recommended.

https://www.hyperiontone.com/deluxe-str ... on-switch/
this looks cool - thanks!

i'm trying to tame some high harshness coming from gold lace sensors - When i back the tone off a bit it fixes it but ideally i'd like to get rid of all harshness the whole sweep
 #174424  by Chocol8
I am now using two master tone controls on my main Strats. Both are "no load" pots so I can switch either or both completely off. Tone caps are .1 and .047 so I can use either or both or neither for 0, .047, .1, and .147 options. If I remember correctly JG mostly used .1's.

For caps, I generally like the axial Mallory 150 polyester metal film caps that run about $1 or less, but I will also use the orange drop polypropylene caps if I have some laying around.