#174214  by Darkstar860

Installed a custom made plate that attaches to the bridge posts that has screws with springs to adjust the height of the pickup.

Im using a GR-30 unit.

 #174249  by Searing75
Is that a brass pup cover on the neck?
 #174251  by Darkstar860
Yeah all my Wolfs have brass cover on the single coils in the neck. ;-) When i got my first Wolf i was changing strings and remembered i had a few sets of these from a Strat pickup setup i bought years ago and it fit my pickup ring/guard on my Wolfs. I think it makes them more unique to me, i dont want mine to mimic Jerrys.

I like the tone and feel of the guitar, im not using it to be like Jerry in that aspect. Just like people buy a Strat, it doesnt always mean they are buying one to sound like SRV or Hendrix. I view the Wolfs as another option for any guitar player out there to use. Ive recorded tracks for my buddies band doing heavier soloing thru a Marshall JCM 800 setup haha. Sounds great. My Wolfs can nail Knopflers tone as well etc.

I think thats an issue sometimes when using something so custom like this and not too many being out there in the wild compared to Fender or Gibson etc. I like to make my Wolfs mine in many ways. Same with my amp setup. It maybe gear that can get ya that Jerry sound 100%, but i dont try and wont try to do that. I have to have myself in my playing and not be focused on trying to play something like someone else etc. Thats what got me so into the Dead as a musician, i didnt have to play shit note for note and i could put myself into the playing yet it was familiar enough to keep listeners attention... if that sounds right.

Sorry to babble. But yeah if you google these you can find them on ebay (just the covers). $7 i think. But each one is different (just like pickups in a strat). So only one of the 3 is gonna fit the neck single coil pickup. The others with go to the Middle and Bridge respectively. Anywhoo take care :-)