#173487  by Darkstar860
I just got a new Phred Wolf that im about to start putting on all my different brass parts, tuners, bridge etc. Heres a before and ill post an after. I own 5 of these and I love these guitars, i had issues with one, but Phred came thru and solved the issue and i am a happy camper. I highly recommend these guitars, been using them for going on 8 years. Maybe not for everyone, but I think his guitars are nice.

-Walt B

This guitar sounds great and plays great before any mods. I checked out the setup and its spot on, i have to enlarge the nut slots as well so i can put 11's on it as it came with 10s and they are too elastic band like to my fingers haha. Ill post more pics as I go. :-)
 #173503  by Darkstar860
Im not sure if i am gonna use the V tail piece i have or not. I actually am liking the standard bridge look to this one. Im gonna sleep on it. But the brass single coil pickup cover wont fit without enlarging the hole and i didnt want to get into that tonight. So this is where ive gotten to so far, ill see how i feel tomorrow about the V tail and if im gonna leave the single coil white cover on or not. Im actually interested now that ive gotten into this, in making this one a little different than my other Wolf guitars. I have a brass pickup ring, but i wanted to try painting the black plastic one that came with the guitar, so i painted it copper along with the 5way plastic part. I kinda like it, looks strange, but once strings are put on it i think it looks different and thats kinda what im thinking I want. But this is my experimenting ive done tonight.


I have Gotah tuners on it and the nut is ready for 11's. For shits n giggles i polished the frets, but i dont think i needed to really do that but i did.