#173232  by Darkstar860
Heres my Strat i built. Its a neck thru. Medium Jumbo Frets. Brass covered hand wound pickups. 5 way w/ tone pot that pops up for more tones. Wilkinson Trem. Bone Nut. Wood pickgaurd and control plate. Fender staggered tuners.


I plan on putting a preamp in it. It nails the tone I was after. Knopfler/Garcia/Gilmour. I spent an eternity on the frets, but it was well worth it as the guitar plays like butter. This is one of my fav builds ive done in the past 5-6 years. Hope ya enjoy. Ill post a video of the guitar thru the Blues Jr i modded so you guys can here both. :-)
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 #173234  by lbpesq
Curious about where the neck meets the body. It appears carved to resemble a bolt-on that’s been modified to a glued in set neck. Was this done for a particular purpose or just to cosmetically resemble a bolt-on?

Bill, tgo
 #173235  by Darkstar860
^ Cosmetic. Saw a Jackson guitar that had a heel like this and liked it, gets thinner in the right spot to make getting to high frets much easier and at a better angle for my arthritic joints haha. :-)
 #173236  by Jon S.
Darkstar860 wrote: Sat Jul 02, 2022 12:21 pma better angle for my arthritic joints
This works wonders for me (truly, it does).