#173073  by Darkstar860
Does anyone know of anyone who builds Head Cabs for Blues Jr or does new combo cabs for Blues Jr ?

-Walt B
 #173074  by Jon S.
Old thread but it may help you get started: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index ... ts.522422/

BTW, I love your idea. I've heard BJs through external cabs, 1X12, 2X12, and 4X12. It's a different amp when you ditch the boxy stock cab (not that the stock cab doesn't work when you want a thick, boxy tone, like cutting through a live blues mix).
 #173075  by bzbz
a head is a good idea, but the amp is small, not very heavy, and its easy to plug the speaker wires into a cab....
 #173076  by Darkstar860
I found a few places that make the head cab, but damn $300+ for a head cab for a Blues Jr. I spent significantly less on a Twin Reverb Head cab lol Hopefully I can find something in my price range.

My blues jr thru my 2x12 cab is hilariously awesome :-) Ive done a lot of mods on it and it def does NOT sound stock, has its own thing that is like Mark Knopfler-ish. The amp sounds sooo much better thru a external "real" cab with the right dimensions etc.

I know there are bigger combo cabs people make for it, but im a head person lol. I own this Blues Jr and an Orange Tremlord as my only combo amps I have anymore. And I plan on getting a head cab made for the orange down the road. Its easier for me to move a separate cab and head than to try moving it all in one box ya know ? ;-)

If anyone thinks or knows anywhere thats not $300+ for a Bjr head cab ! , let me know ;-)
 #173077  by Chocol8
Keep in mind, Baltic birch prices have skyrocketed...if you can even find any. Most of it came from Russia and it looks like it could be off market for a while.
 #173079  by Darkstar860
Sweet ! Thanks, I emailed them :-)

Ill let ya know how that goes
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 #173080  by Gr8fulCadi
I have a pine head cab from TRM I received bare and finished it myself with some clear coats of poly. It houses a 5e3p Proluxe and is the same size as a tweed deluxe. It’s paired with a TRM 2x10 also bare and same finish. Great cabs, lightweight and a heck of lot cheaper than Baltic Birch.

For Jerry style cabinets Baltic Birch is the way to go but not in your situation. Good luck!
 #173081  by Darkstar860
I just want a bare cab made. If the person who builds it can pre drill the holes for me thatd be icing on the cake. One thing I did see and I have to ask about it, ive seen some of the blues jr cabs have the knobs on the front. Id love to have the knobs on the front, not the top.

Waiting to hear back from emails i sent out. So far 3 places are $300-350 + Shipping. I got too many other projects going on to drop that type of $ on an amp thats not even worth much more than that lol. My Jr has had a lot of work done, sounds great.

So far the places that do make these cabs, the reverb does fit in the cab. I was worried about that when I saw some of the pictures. But there is indeed room.
 #173082  by Jon S.
I'd like to put in a plug for TRM. Some years back, Tim built me wonderful, perfectly built and finished, HT-style 2X10 cab that I loved. I ended up selling it but only because I decided to move from the 10" Weber NeoMags in the 2X10 cab to a pair of 1X12 SSP cabs with JBLs.
 #173083  by Jon S.
BTW, I see you took my advice and posted on that TGP thread. :rockon:
 #173084  by Darkstar860
^ Haha yes I did ;-) I had posted on there in the past but it slipped my mind when I put my post up on here.

-Walt B
 #173086  by Darkstar860
Still waiting on TRM cabs, as Ive been told they had built a Bjr head cab recently for under $200 and thats my range. I just cant see spending $300+ on a head cab for this amp that isnt worth much more than that to begin with. If I cant get one made in that price range, I may just try to build my own (with a little help from my friends). As I said im trying to get built a very basic cab. Fingers crossed i dont have to build one tho lol, even with help from my friends its just not something im too keen on beginning with everything else I have going on.
 #173090  by Darkstar860
TRM cabs is making me a head cab. Thanks to everyone for their advice, greatly appreciated. :-)
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