#172422  by TI4-1009
Saw this in Vintage Guitar today and it got me thinking (again) about if Jerry would have tried out the Klon. Finnegan came out with it shortly before Jerry died. He was trying to emulate the "sweet break-up spot of a Twin Reverb" (sound familiar)?

I'm thinking Jerry would have been like "I've got the real thing, why do I need a pedal?", but for the rest of us....
 #172423  by NeilG1
I had a KTR for a while. Granted not the magical diodes (LOL), but even Finnegan has recently said he's making a new KTR with new diodes, so magical, my ass!
Can't say I ever bonded with it at all. Totally underwhelming for me. Really didn't do anything approximating Jerry in my hands. Certainly has a pretty huge range of sounds in it, but I'd take my Sarno Earth Drive over that OD any day. YMMV of course!