#171061  by Alobar
Any ones I should look out for other than the Farm Pedals Boost of The Dead? Don't really want to put a buffer in my guitar. Hoping to find it in a pedal ...
 #171062  by Jon S.
If you have even a single Boss pedal on your board you already own an always-on buffer. Same with a great many other pedals.

First in my chain is an SMS Doozy Boost. Same concept.
 #171063  by Alobar
I mean ........ I get that, but I used to have a Scott Walker and his buffer was amazing. It did WAY more than having a Boss pedal in my chain. It was a drastic change in the sound when engaged. Crystalline sparkly goodness. I believe Scott's buffer was based on the later years Jerry buffer.
 #171065  by Chocol8
To get the full benefit, it really does need to be in the guitar or very close. Typical quality guitar cords have capacitance of around 30 pf per foot so even a good 10 foot cable will have an audible reduction in the highs for a passive guitar.

If you don’t want to put it in the guitar, I would suggest getting a buffer from waldotronics, or build your own, and put it in a small box on the strap with a short 1 foot or so patch cable.

There are a bunch of buffer/boost pedals, but none of them can put back what gets lost before the input.
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 #171066  by Jon S.
I believe many of us would be surprised by what double blind listening tests of some of our guitar tone assumptions would reveal.
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 #171068  by Chocol8
The differences between similar cables of the same length is impossible to hear. The difference between a cable run with passive Strat pickups and with a buffer is pretty easy to hear and easy to measure too. The treble loss becomes pretty pronounced when you roll down the volume with a passive pickup, but not with the buffer, blaster, or active pickups.
 #171069  by Alobar
Interesting stuff.

I actually have a DGN buffer I could put in my Strat, but I was trying to avoid that. Looks like I will just go that route.

The difference from buffer on/off in My Electro was night and day. If you can't discern that I would say it might be time to turn off the loud amps! :shock:

This video demonstrates the tonal differences with an onboard buffer. The clarity and snap when it's on is obvious.