#166570  by bzbz
I'm a stockpiler, so I had no idea that D'Angelico Hot Nickel Concept 10-46 is no longer being made! I have a good bit of packs left, I even have one pack of Vinci's (!) left....

but what do you nice folks find works real good - the ol' Daddario? Ernie Ball (those 10s have heavy gauges at the bottom)? I invite advice and experience!
 #166573  by Jblue76
I’ve been liking the d’adarrio NYXL but I just ordered some Stringjoys to try on recommendation of the heads on the Facebook Dead musicians group. A few great players over there were raving about them so worth a try.
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 #166574  by lbpesq
After using D'Addarios forever, I switched to GHS Boomers a few years ago. They feel a bit smoother, closer to a flatwound feel. For my main guitars, I’ve lately been using Optima Gold. Yes, they are ridiculously expensive with most sources charging $20-$23 a set, though I’ve been able to find them in the $17 range. They sound great and hold their tone far longer than the D’Addarios or GHS strings, so the high cost somewhat balances out in the long run.

Bill, tgo
 #166590  by kurt eye
A while back on this forum someone recommended Throback Vintage strings. I gave them a try and I like them. I had been using Vinci strings previously.
 #166595  by bzbz
Thanks folks - you guys are great! I purchased some of those Newton Nickel Masters, and some regular D 'Addario Nickel wound -

I still have a single Vinci pack left and quite a few D'Angelico Hot Nickel Concepts packs (I love them, but they are discontinued).

I have never been concerned about how long lasting strings are, I just care about tone and playability -