#91160  by tigerstrat
please remind them that they haven't played in Oregon in over 11 years
 #91290  by tiffcheese
eleven years! damn. They must not know what they're missing. Gotta pimp out Oregon's high points or something.

Worcester shows are bound to be great. So wish I could make them.
 #91303  by tigerstrat
Yep, I've lived in Oregon since 2000 and they haven't been here the whole time. Last time I caught them was in Kansas 6/30/99, after easily 50+ shows attended between '91 and '99. Oh sure there's The Gorge, 6 hours away from anything, but WTF is wrong with playing Portland or Seattle once in awhile- you know, for the devout fans who can't drop everything to hop on tour?
 #91355  by tiffcheese
I feel your pain...expensive and annoying to fly too.

luckily the northeast is fat with Phish; we get so many I can pick and choose which I'd like to do...in theory. Unfortunately in the past it's been very tough to get tickets. I've been lucky lately and the band sounds phenomenal...best ever in my opinion.

Still I'd like to see Phish play the Gorge and Red Rocks...on my wish list. I've heard Shoreline's fun too. I got to see one show (Dar Williams) at the Warfield, which was a treat.