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 #172379  by BobBass
Im a long time lurker and only now checking in.
From NY...First Show Nassau Coliseum probably 1978. I was turned on to the Dead by a friend. Specifically it was Blues for Allah and even more specific was Help/Slip....I heard that and the next day I went out and bought a Carlo Robelli Bass. Seemed like the right thing to do. I have been playing ever since. All different stuff, but always coming back to the Dead.
I am wondering if there are enough interested bass players here that would like to dive into the inner workings of Phils Bass playing. Transcriptions of Phil are quite a challenge. I spend more time trying to understand where Phils ideas are coming from. Thought it might be fun to connect with other players or Phil enthusiasts. See where it leads.
Thanks to whoever organizes this place. I've used it an untold number of times for info.
 #172380  by lbpesq
Well hello Bob and welcome to the forum! Saw the boys in Nassau Coliseum in March of 1973, right after Pig passed. (I remember the local gendarmes being somewhat less than friendly). Being a skinny stringer myself, I sure appreciate Phil, but a deep dive into his technique is a bit over my head. Not that I want to chase you away, but if you are looking for technical discussions about Phil's playing, you might want to pop in over at the Alembic forum. Lots and lots of bass players, many, if not the majority, of whom come from a Grateful Dead perspective. You don't have to play an Alembic to participate with as friendly an on-line community as you will ever find. And, of course, stick around here for all things Dead!

Bill, tgo (the guitar one)
 #172381  by Jon S.
Welcome, Bob. I attended Massapequa High School and then SUNY at Binghamton. I skipped the Dead shows at the Nassau Coliseum - too many busts - but caught many other shows there, including the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Frank Zappa and the Mothers in '73 and the Allman Brothers Band and Yes in '74. Perhaps I saw you at one of those shows?! And though I missed the Dead at the Coliseum in '74, fortunately, I did still catch them that year at Roosevelt Stadium in New Jersey (not to be confused with the Roosevelt Raceway on LI).
 #172384  by bzbz
Hi Bob! I'm from Nassau too, and always looking to jam too - let me know if you are interested, lets talk!