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 #169301  by Spiny Norman
So I’m new to this board. I live in Brooklyn, NYC. First show was 4/1/88. I play a Fender Squire with a Mustang GT100 amp... Rhythm only and I try to play Dead songs as close to Weir as possible (it’s been a real eye-opener). Not in a band, but I play with a bunch of co-workers once or twice a month. I’m a graphic designer by trade. Besides music, I love baseball and food.
 #169303  by lbpesq
Hi Norman, and welcome to the forum. Yea, Bobby is quite different from the usual rhythm player. Almost playing lead with chords! I grew up in NY with my dad’s office literally across the street from old Yankee Stadium, so I’m also a big baseball fan. Grew up a Yankee fan, but have been in California since 1973 and have had tickets to the A’s for 30 years.

Bill, the guitar one
 #169304  by Jon S.

My years, from ages 0-22, were spent in Crown Heights, Canarsie, Massapequa Park, and Binghamton. :-)

In my formative years in Canarsie, our neighborhood was almost entirely Mets/Jets. To quote my dear departed grandfather, "This is a National League house. We used to root for the Dodgers. Now we root for the Mets. And we don't root for the Yankees!" :lol: