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 #168630  by J. W. Hall
Hello friends, new to the forum. I’ve played bass for about forty years, many of them in various GD cover outfits. This last year I’ve taken guitar lessons and I’m having a blast.

Here’s some work from years ago playing with the great mike masse. Enjoy.

TOG: Mike Massé: vocals, rhythm guitar
David Hall: electric guitar
Julie Anne Hall: vocals
Yours Truly: bass, vocals

Ripple: Mike Massé: guitar, vocals
Thomas Hall: electric guitar
Yours Truly: bass, backing vocals

And one of our least-viewed videos, Black Peter: Mike Massé: guitar, vocals,
Me: bass, vocals.
 #168672  by ebick
Awesome and much needed here.

Can you do one of the exploding intro to The Other One?
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