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Hello Everybody!

I joined last year but this is my first post.

My name is Ethan, I'm 18, and from Kansas City. I've been playing guitar for a almost two years now. I've been listening to the Dead for four years now and have made a deal of friends through the love of their music.

I'm not in any bands, but I hope to be soon.

My Gear List:

-Line 6 DT50 combo amp
-Partscaster w/ Texas Specials
-2016 Epiphione SG
-Art & Lutherie Legacy Concert Hall Acoustic
-1992 Epiphone PR-720S
-Adamas Graphite 2mm Picks

I look forward to be more active in the community and becoming a even bigger Deadhead!
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 #167069  by lbpesq
Hi, Ethan, and welcome to the forum. Don’t take the lack of response personally. With all the weirdness we are now living with, I, for one, haven’t been checking out this site as often as I usually do. I suspect I’m not the only one. If there is a silver lining, I’ve been spending a lot more time both playing and working on a few instruments I’m building over the past two weeks since we’ve been “sheltering-at-home”.

This is a great place for a burgeoning young Deadhead. The tab section is the first place I look to learn a new tune. And, should you have any questions about playing, equipment, or anything else, this is a great place to seek answers.

Stay safe,

Bill, tgo
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 #167090  by ChinaCatMatt
welcome aboard man!!

I discovered rukind when I was 18 too 20 years ago and it is still great. I've learned a bunch from the tabs over the years. I will say this if you can't find it here check out jdarks site he's got a bunch of stuff dead related over there too. no forum but se great tabs and whatnot
also check out the grateful dead musicians group on Facebook most if not all of us here are also in that group.

between those 3 you can't go wrong as others have said just gotta poke around.