#76489  by Angry Manatee
I'm doing research for a fiction project. Can anyone tell me what type of blotter was common on the last tour? Any designs stand out? I seem to remember plain white.
 #76509  by tigerstrat
I agree, kind of a neat little spot to take creative license and make up your own little blotter gag. The funniest ones I can remember (from probably 1-3 years before '95) were white, but stamped on each tab in tiny letters was the word "bunk"(they weren't). I kinda remember someone talking about a Betty Boop print... someone (maybe Kesey?) had a blotter art gallery online, don't know the link.
 #76513  by erock

here is a lot of blotter art. and umm, ahem uhhh i have heard it may or may not have been called white fluffer or something similar. it is all speculation and umm, i have uhhh never even seen anything like that.
 #76516  by JonnyBoy
Sweet breath vial of liquid. You cant go wrong with that, plus you are in for the largest dosing you have ever dared to try, especially if its a spiked "pass a round" beverage, Hang ON TIGHT! :drink:
 #78286  by jeffm725
white fluff was indeed the most prevalent blotter on the summer 95 tour. No print on it whatsoever, and even better (or worse depending on you perspective) it was NOT PERFORATED, so doses had to be eyeballed. In the lots this was commonly moved in quantities called "10 strips" because it was hard to cut out individulal hits from an unperforated sheet, but much easier to cut it into 10 fairly equal strips (equaling about 10 hits each). Scissors were a real commodity on tour that summer!
 #101694  by Phil Lesh101
Are you doing it for school? or something> If Those Liberal Bas*urds would let me Do one about the Dead I would get a good grade! :lol: