#14691  by phpbb
hopefully this post will help:


its based on your posts. Ideally, we'll get over the fact that not all of them are "cool", but we can live with our friends the backup singer and dead keyboardists for just a few posts and not simply post for the sake of moving you forward.

Of course, I can switch them around at any point, for any reason, so you can never guarantee that what you see today will be the same tomorrow.

Hey, I just got an April Fools idea...
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 #21367  by brainflossrhythm
I was wondering why I had a random avatar.

 #44367  by b weird
Sorry dude you can't change your avatar until after like post 500.

 #46907  by mttourpro
I want to personally thank Greg for doing such a great job with this site. Excellent job maintaining a great site. It's invaluable in so many ways to so many people....

I have to ask though, what's up with being Phil before Bob?

Is it safe to say you'd see Ratdog before P&F??

 #101729  by bodiddley
Just be happy you aren't stuck with the Deborah Koons avatar. A sure sign you done pissed somebody off.
 #107014  by jjbankhead
Phil Lesh101 wrote:
jjbankhead wrote:i didn't have one before and i cannot change it...

is this something being tested out?
^ " Whoa Oh And I Want to know oh, is are you kind " And That Garcia Guitar Isnt right, Did you make that banner? :shock:\
Someones playing with me
now i can sleep well at night. where have you been all my life?
 #155015  by Madison23
PeggyO wrote:I was wondering too. Now I'll have to post like crazy. When I should be practicing... although i found this article very interesting

lol, mee to feeling the same way.
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rukind is not a sprint, it's a marathon. As Jerry says, All good things, in all good time :cool: