When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #165875  by jgraum
So Wolf finally made its way to Dead & Co last night at Citi Field/NY. The first song is, as usual, up on YouTube (St. Stephen). I'll avoid the link....

That being said......So grateful that this guitar is alive and breathing. While Mayer's stage rig isn't like Jerry's, you can still hear the timbre and openess of Irwin's Wolf. Beautiful sounds. And a chance to once again see and hear a piece of art. Great show last night, despite a power outage during Fire on the Mtn.
 #165876  by Italia68
It was really cool to hear him playing Wolf through his rig. In addition to Dumble ODS he had two Deluxe Reverbs, and all were switched on and miked, so not sure what was playing when, but started with the ODS for sure. Definitely had to slow down his playing slightly, compared to his modded McCarty and mod Super Eagle. The vibe was great, so was the setlist.
 #165877  by jgraum
Yeah...I noticed the two Deluxe's up there. I think that's what was giving a lot of the dirtier tones. Less clean. As the dumble has a higher headroom. So good!