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Calling All Miami-Based Deadheads:

PostPosted:Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:11 am
by klezmerpop
Greetings, guys & girls.
Me (aged 19) and a friend (aged 17) are looking to start a Grateful Dead band in Miami. We're looking for other people around our age (highschool - college age) who are down to jam and gig around. I play lead, and my friend plays bass.
Currently we are looking for a rhythm guitarist, drummer(s?), a keys player, and perhaps a female vocalist to aid with harmonies.

All we want to do is share the music we hold so dearly with others, and bring them the pure joy that it brings us.
Please respond if you're at all interested!
We want to practice mainly in the South Miami area. Get on the party circuit. See where it goes.

Note: This project would begin sometime during/after February.