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 #12434  by Jimkkc
 Tue Feb 06, 2007 10:08 am
Just listened to the Ryan Adams double album from 2005 - the one with the song Rosebud on it. Am I being naiive, or is that song about Jerry? If it is about Jerry, that song has got to be one of the most spot on "tribute" songs I have heard - understated and not contingent on cliches.

Has anyone else out there (meaning forum readers) written "tribute" songs? I have one that has a verse about Jerry and a verse about Jack Kerouac. I'd like to think the verses are well-done, but that might just be wishful thinking. Working on that song made me realize just how difficult it is to write well when doing a tribute. Not to mention, the difficulty of putting reactions and thoughts about Jerry and Jack into concrete words! Going back to Ryan Adams' song - if Rosebud is about Jerry, then I would have to say it captures the moment moreso than Warren's Patchwork Quilt (another tune I love). Long story short - Rosebud is definitely worth a listen if you have not heard it yet . . .

 #12443  by strumminsix
 Tue Feb 06, 2007 11:54 am
Wow, seems so...

Artist/Band: Adams Ryan
Lyrics for Song: Rosebud
Lyrics for Album: Cold Roses
When I pick up my guitar
This is the song that always comes
Don't know what I'm singing 'bout and
Don't know what for
I think about you
And I think about Rosebud

Wish there was a song to sing
To bring you back
But you can't get here from nowhere I guess
Rosebud's shipwrecked up on the Ohio
Behind a wall of glass
Telling me to take care of myself
And my friends

You sing to a field of trees
And roses singing those melodies
Simple and easy where everything moves
Underneath you
And Rosebud too

I wish there was a song to sing
To get you back
But you can't get here from nowhere I guess
Rosebud's shipwrecked up on the Ohio
Behind a wall of glass
Telling me to take it easy
But I took a photograph
And she's just a wooden machine
But you and Rosebud, you're still singing to me


From all I've read and known he was and stil is really into the GD. And considering Rosebud is in the Rock & Roll hall of fame in Ohio it makes sense...

Also did a quick google search and found that most people believe this to be the case as well. And he talks to a picture of JG on stage sometimes.

That last part is a bit odd but oh well...

Cool topic!

 #12464  by Jimkkc
 Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:15 am
stumminsix - thanks for the information. The more I listen to "Rosebud," the more I like the song and the more I listen to the album "Cold Roses" the more I like the album.

Some of the guitar riffs are very "Jerry" like - don't know if that is incidental, intentional, or instinctual - but the riff on the song "Cold Roses" definitely sounds like a Jerry concoction.

The albums opening sone "Magnolia Mountain" is also a solid song - one of those songs where the songwriter expresses a common idea in a way that is uniquely individual and universal . . .