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 #130641  by nicolasalk
 Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:22 pm
Hello guys, I arrived to San Francsico today for a short visit of four days and I was planning on doing some Grateful Dead touring of course.
So I was wondering... Which places should I visit that have Jerry or Grateful Dead history (of course Haight Ashbury)?? And what to do there?? I dont know, in general any place that might be interesting..
Also, somewhere where I can buy some stuff like t-shirts or posters?
And finnaly, which are the best record stores in town, not only for dead music, but in general, for vinyls??
Any other suggestion of any type will be very apreciated!
Thanks a lot, and sorry for my english
 #130667  by TI4-1009
 Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:19 pm
There's an old Relix mag with a self-guided tour to Dead sites in SF, wish I could find it.

Obviously 710 Ashbury, Golden Gate Park, the seawall on the beach where some of those early photos were taken, locations of the music halls- Fillmore West, Warfield, etc. Longshoreman's Hall, Harrington St.. Down in Palo Alto there are some of the early sites- the Matrix, the music store where Jer used to teach. Most of it has changed numerous times since then.

Up across the bridge there's San Rafael, Phil's new place for food and music, the building that used to be their office, Front Street where the studio used to be, St. Stephan's where Jer's funeral was, Mt. Tam, TRI- Bobby's new studio, lot's of places the guys lived- Novato, Stinson Beach... the list goes on and on. A little late now, you should have done some research before you left!

Not to mention all the great "straight" tourist stuff in SF (maybe that's not the best term to use... :lol: )

Your English is better than mine- have fun!
 #130675  by cmc64
 Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:48 pm
The corner of Post and Steiner Streets. Doesn't look quite the same but the vibe remains...

Edit: I picked up some goodies at Amoeba Records in Berkeley during the 1991 GD New's Years run but I am sure there are many other options. Cody's Books in Berkeley is a very decent bookstore as I recall. Those are the big ones and as with the record stores I am sure there are many others. My friend lives in S.F. and is visiting home at the moment (and has let me babysit hit Moriarty Wolf for the last few weeks - he's a good guy) - I will ask him for some suggestions.