#72083  by ronster
While the delay was a little to much, I found the video very useful in that it showed a nice lick that you could never nail by reading a tab. Much thanks. Did you take the riff from any particular song? Sounded like something from Mountain Jam or You Don't Love Me. Feel free to do a video on Duane's solo down from You Don't Love Me if you know it and need some time to kill, always been my favorite.
 #72095  by trking8
geez, I feel like I got caught wearing a lime green leisure suit. :oops:

but, really, thanks for the honest feedback; I might redo and really shorten it.

and yes, it's a riff that shows up a lot in mountain jam (good catch). maybe I'll expand on that - - pretty much the perfect jam to learn from, fun and easy to sound good.

thanks bros,

 #72109  by strumminsix
Terry, I am so very sorry if I offended you. That was not my intention one bit!
I learn alot from your lessons and am very grateful for you knowledge and sharing.
But the heavy delay made it impossible for me to clearly hear what you are doing.

Again, sorry if I offended.
 #72271  by old man down
Terry, you're getting so good at these!

Was wondering if you have ever tried your camera from some sort of boom extension so that the result would be seeing the riffs from the player's perspective, except that the camera angle would maybe be a little more out up over the fingerboard to better show the viewer.

When I follow these threads I'm always doing mental gymnastics to insert myself into the player's frame of reference whereas when I'm trying to learn stuff on my own, I just fall comfortably into what I'm trying to learn because it all looks so familiar from my usual "eyes to hands" frame of reference.
 #72275  by trking8
thanks, much appreciated. yeah, very good thought on the angle. coincidentally, I actually tried that a couple weeks ago. I don't have a boom, but I tried to Jerry-rig (no pun intended) a tripod but I had a tough time.

I feel the same way - - it should be easier looking down the fretboard than at a "mirror." good excuse to try again.

peace out,