#64296  by sack the wack
Is vid. back up yet or am I just not finding it? Been batting this one around since billbbill's buddy posted his vid. Looking for whatever help is out there and thanx for taking the time to post this stuff and really, to all you guys who post this stuff. Mucho grassy ass.
 #64425  by sack the wack
Hey Terry, not that it matters but on the walk down i use a G#m rather than the Emaj. 6 of one, 1/2 doz. of the other
Gotta say man, you have a nice light touch. i play w/ a guy around the kitchen table with light hand like you rather than a hammerhead like me.
i'm really digging this one now.
 #64451  by old man down
Fun to watch. Playing on acoustic only these days, I had forgotten how forgiving an electric can be because of some FX and some reverb. But you definitely get some of the Garcia noodles in there just moving around on the fingerboard. On acoustic there's just so much resistance from the strings and lack of punctuation on higher strings, all of which comes naturally on an electric.

Liked your edits with the comic strip clouds. You should put more of those in to add humor since the one with oops...E major was pretty funny.
 #64474  by trking8
yeah, actually I hunker down every night with an acoustic, too.

the electric is easier, but there should be no slop to "forgive" when you switch to electric. every riff in this vid (that's reachable), I've played first on acoustic, with the same timing, phrasing and (for the most part) speed as the electirc.

thanks, bud.


p.s. if anyone can figure how to post tab in the youtube annotations, please let me know. for the the older vids, I just used the rukind tab generator and cut and pasted into the annotation bubble. it doesn't seem to work now.