#52677  by trking8
ok, so much time tabbing, etc., I thought I'd take a break and stretch out a little.

not exactly the 1986 Cap Center encore (hard to approximate at 7:15 am on the first cup of coffee), but a little jamming to ruminate on. I'll add tab to the riffs later:


peace out,

 #52683  by trking8
something like this:

 #52685  by trking8
 #52695  by tigerstrat
Putting all what together? A song? What song?
 #52699  by trking8
sorry to be obtuse. two prior vids show alternate chords for Deal, and some lead patterns, done acoustic.

the intent here was to move into lead options for the Deal chorus, done electric (and to just blow off a little steam).

considering this vid is broken down into separate riffs, maybe "putting it all together" isn't the best title. I'll work on it and edit.

thanks for the feedback,

 #52703  by old man down
Liked some of your aiko aiko from some other vid. This one didn't make much sense to me. I sort of agreed with the You Tube comment post to the video.

One thing I noticed in your vids is that your right hand should have a little more lower arm motion to get the bravado up. Those riffs would lose a little of their mushiness is you moved your arm a little more instead of leaving it all to your wrist and fingers. Not a lot of arm motion, just a little, and things would get the punctuation a little more defined.

Nice inlay on that fingerboard.
 #52706  by jeffm725
old man down wrote: right hand should have a little more lower arm motion to get the bravado up.

Nice inlay on that fingerboard.
I think you meant left hand omd, no? And, bravado?! Is that a freudian slip ( a great one, at that!) or was that intentional. You obviously mean vibrato, I take it?
 #52708  by old man down
No, his right hand, the picking hand. A little arm motion will change the dynamic of his picking, bring some force (bravado) to bear, and the increased sustain of the notes will allow him to coordinate the left hand fingering a little better to the right hand picking. (remove the mushiness)
 #52711  by trking8
very cool - - thanks for the feedback.

the action is high on the tiger, but as a matter of vanity, I used it instead of my 77 fender, which is much easier to get around on (I took the tiger in yesterday to get it lowered b/c of all this).

you're right that Jerry seemed to use his arm more, a fine point I never thought of.

another issue is organizing the vids for specific signature riffs.

thanks, guys.