#53102  by Chuckles
Terry -

That's the bomb! Can't thank you enough for that... the "steel guitar" riffs alone opened up a whole new avenue for me. I'd been playing those double-stops and the high-neck strumming for a long time, but there's SO much I can use those licks to build on!
 #53103  by trking8
thanks - - really glad you can use it, bud.

a lot of it is taking what you already know, repeating it with slight variations on timing, etc. until you "own" the riff, and feel comfortable vamping off it different ways.

also, I just posted the tab for the very end, melodic riff, too. a lot of notes, gotta listen for the bends and pull offs.


 #56414  by wisedyes
Just curious - since you used "hoy hoy" as the intro for your latest video posting, do you know any Little Feat? Learning their stuff gives me fits. If you do and posted any of that I'd be your eternally grateful bee-yatch.
 #56450  by wisedyes
Huge fan as well, although didn't discover them until about two years after Lowell George had died. Seen the various lineups since 1985 many times. I do loves me some Feats!

I know how to play most of the really basic tracks, like Willing, Dixie Chicken, etc. But many of the tunes just completely elude me. I'll get certain parts of them down, but almost never figure them out entirely. Any help you could share on almost any song would be great!
 #56480  by trking8
here you go, bud.

caution: this is strictly from memory from a long time ago. however, go on the net for the lyrics, etc and this should give you everything you need.

I think the little jam interlude on the E is something they developed from Waiting for Columbus.

enjoy - - I might have one or two more to put up.

peace out,


 #56494  by wisedyes
Awesomeness! Thanks so much - that happens to be on the list of "something about this isn't quite right". Going to grab a guitar as soon as I can and use your video to get it all down correctly.

It's always really bothered me that Little Feat has always been a struggling band at best - they deserve way more credit and appreciation. Saw them about as year ago here in Richmond at the National. Admittedly, it was a Monday night in February, but still, there was less than 100 people there. DSO plays that venue and packs it to the rafters. Would love to see them get out there with say the Dead or Allmans again too help increase their exposure.

Any more tricks from your Feat bag would be great!
 #114894  by Henrymark
Nice video. Thanks for sharing this here with us.This post and its replies are really very helpful one.