lets the rukind.org users talk about their up and coming gigs
 #174216  by Jon S.
Hey, DS860, what's your real name (first will do)?

I have a friend who lives now in Hadley, MA. He's a killer Dead bassist. We played together for many years in my own VA tribute band, the Thankful Dads, until the other guitarist died and we hung up the band. Are you near Hadley? Would you like me to introduce the two of you? If yes, PM me your email address or phone #, I'll set the two of you up, and you can take it from there. (Note that the RUKIND PM system doesn't always work correctly for me so if you do PM me, let me know also here.)

EDIT: Checked your website. Assuming you live in Coventry where your shop is located, that's 61 miles to Hadley. Not quite next door, but also not in another time zone.