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Like the title says, my non-Dead band will be playing a live streaming gig (no live audience) this Saturday, 10/17, at 7 pm, Pacific Time. Here’s the bio for the gig:

“Stonetrout has been playing music in The Bay Area and Northern California for over 30 years. Once described as "the thinking person's bar band", Stonetrout plays an amalgam of classic rock and lesser known songs by artists as varied as The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, John Prine, Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams, The Band, The Rolling Stones, Wilson Picket, Richard Thompson, Cream, Bob Dylan, and others, along with a sprinkling of original Stonetrout tunes.”

The Dead tunes we do are Brown-eyed Women, Birdsong, Loser, and Broken Arrow. Also, a couple of my originals are Dead inspired. We’ve never done this before. I think it’s going to be big fun!

Here’s the link:

https://www.musae.me/arthouse/experienc ... stonetrout

Bill, tgo
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Upper right, with Hawaiian shirt and Wolf cap.

Thanks, but we had nothing to do with the pricing. The Art House is a cool place in Berkeley that is struggling to stay alive in these covid times. Anything we can do to help.

Bill, tgo
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lbpesq wrote: Tue Oct 13, 2020 8:07 pm Upper right, with Hawaiian shirt and Wolf cap.
I'm envious - I'd planned to grow my hair long again upon retiring. But now, just when I've reached the age where I could look a bit like Jerry besides playing like him, too much of it's fallen out to pull it off. :lol:


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That was my covid crop! Since the pic, they allowed my friend to open her place and take one customer at a time, so I had it cut a couple of weeks ago. My problem has been developing the Jerry gut as I’ve aged.


Bill, tgo
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