#137228  by tdub
 Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:06 pm
Our experienced and dedicated band is seeking a good-hearted, soulful, tasteful, dialed-into-the-Dead vocalist. We lost our rhythm guitarist to cancer earlier this year, so haven't been gigging recently, but have in the past and presently are practicing nearly every Sunday evening in preparation for a 3 day outdoor gig we do on Memorial Day Weekend for a couple hundred like-minded souls. IF you are available for that-and love to to camp (and sing your brains out tunefully) that weekend (and for possible gigs in the future) and would like to get together for some practices and woodshedding on Sundays between now and then, please contact me.


Sample clips of the band. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bigfoot- ... 3986585760

Fun is the goal, but when we play and sound better, it's even more fun! Pretty active list of songs going and have done perhaps 100+ different dead songs from every era. We are flexible, adventurous and loose in a good way AND would welcome a person with talent, humor, humility, soul and a thirst for adventure. Please no, uptight perfectionist grumps, snobs or divas. Thanks!