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Hi my names Walt, i play guitar and sing and ive performed with members of the Grateful Dead, NRPS, JGB and many others over the years. Vince Welnick, T.C., Donna Jean, Buddy Cage, Melvin Seals, Kenny Brooks, Mark Karan etc. I live in North East CT and im looking for a band to jam with and possibly play gigs. I use to have my own band In The Dark and For The Grateful, but i took sometime off after surgery and divorce, but ive decided id like to get back out there playing. I love to be involved with Dead related projects that are doing their own thing with the music while keep it familiar to the listener. Not a fan of having to note for note any performance of any music, put yourself in the music. My other two bands were like Ratdog meets Early Dead with a hint of 77. ;-)

If anyone in the CT area is looking for a guitar player or vocalist for Dead related band please hit me up. :-)

You can reach me here scooby9261@gmail.com or reply to this thread.

Thanks and hope to be jamming with some kind folks soon

My rig and my main guitars. I have more ;-)
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