#171009  by lbpesq
Now that we are starting to emerge from the covid fog, I am looking to start up jamming again. I play rhythm and a little lead and strong vocals. I have a well equipped comfortable home studio and had been hosting GD jams and loose configurations with rotating players when the pandemic hit. I'm in the hills in the East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area. I became active on rukind while sheltering in place, so I thought I'd reach out to other forum members in the area who might enjoy doing some playing. I've been fully vaccinated and promised my wife that I'd only play with other vaccinated people.
Any interest?

Bill, tgo
 #171640  by Jon S.
FBOW, this is a small forum with a relatively small membership. I, in VA, also host jams at my fully equipped home basement studio and would also expect zero responses to an OP like yours. What I’m trying to say is it ain’t personal!
 #171641  by lbpesq
No problem. Not taking it personally, at all. I didn't expect a lot, but thought I might as well take a chance. As I seem to recall, many many years ago, either Jerry or Bobby said somewhere: "when you go diving for pearls, you sometimes come up with clams."

Bill, tgo
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