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Hi all, I am latin percussionist and Lifelong Deadhead. I am planning to launch an equity crowdfund for a Latin Jazz Grateful Dead Tribute project called "The Latin Dead" but first reaching out to the Dead community in case there was some interested investors looking to take the ride and help us thrive! I have a detailed business plan I can provide for any serious inquiries. Please feel free to message me directly here or via email at... latindeadmusic@gmail.com
Thanks, Brenden
 #167644  by lbpesq
Welcome to the club, I guess. Good luck with your project, though three identical posts on three different threads, all asking for money, may be viewed as less than an auspicious beginning.

Bill, tgo
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 #167645  by TheLatinDead
Hi, certainly did not mean any offense. This was a one time post simply trying to reach the appropriate channels, of which there were many that seemed relevant at least somewhat.