Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #113862  by machinefunk1987
 Sun May 13, 2012 7:48 am
Hey, it is me, Hunter Harrison, Stage IV Colon Cancer with Liver Metastasis Patient. I tried to upload a photo of my scarred abdomen, but it is too big to load on this site.
Let me start by saying that I appreciate you kind folks talking about little old me!!! It warms my heart and gives me good energy<that kills CANCER too!!!
LET ME ASSURE YOU THAT THIS IS NOT A SCAM!!! Some folks wrote on here that I am trying to scam them. Another person was upset by my choice of font size. Looks, fellow Deadheads, my Stage IV Colon Cancer is in remission, on space mission, or gone fishin' after 6 months of chemo. I was told in June of 2010 that I would be dead in 6 months. I was also told that I had Stage IIB Colon Cancer. Doctors "practice" medicine!!! I try to remember that every single time that I visit their offices. I have undergone 4 major surgeries since June of 2010: A partial colectomy which removed an apple-sized tumor from my sigmoid colon. A colon reattachment surgery in December of 2010 which abscessed and had to be treated and cleaned 3 times a day until March of 2011. In May of 2011, I had to have a hernia repair on my abdomen due to the weak fascia and abscess in December. In July of 2011, a routine CT Scan revealed a tumor on my liver that was 1.5 inches and 2 other smaller ones. I was very fortunate that it was discovered at that time. I was one of the 20% that was a candidate for a liver resection immediately. The majority of Stage IV Colon Cancer with Liver Metastasis Patients have to undergo chemotherapy for 6 months prior to surgery, because they will not operate if there are more than 4 tumors in the liver. On 9.1.11, I had 60% of my liver removed. Never and I mean NEVER go to the hospital on a holiday weekend. I had surgery on Thursday, 9.1.11 and didn't see my surgical oncologist, Dr. Gitonga Munene again until the following Tuesday. Well, the incision opened up, therefore, it had to heal before I could start the poisoning of my soul's vehicle(Chemotherapy). Again, it has to be cleaned and packed with gauze for 2 months before I could start the chemo. I started the chemo in November and finished my 12th round about a month ago. It was not too bad. It kicked my ass 3 out of 12 times. I hope you folks that thought this was a scam are now thinking differently about this. I wish it was a scam.
I DID buy the guitar as a showpiece!!!
I can play more than 3 chords!!!
I have a PRS 20th Anniversary Edition that is worth more than my "Rosey", but it was a gift from Zach Myers of Shinedown. He has an endorsement deal with PRS and his own model too!!! I have know him since he was 15-years-old. He doesn't play our kind of music, but the kid can absolutely annihilate the neck of his PRS.
This "Rosey" is the 5th one that Phil ever built. I paid more than $3000 for it in 2005. I did have money back then, but cancer takes all your money.
These guitars take 9 months to build, at least, mine did. I posit the price is lower today, because Phil is more proficient at creating this works of ART!!! I am sure that our great economy is factoring into his pricing in 2012 too!!!
I tried to sell it privately to avoid ebay fees and 2 people were very interested in it at $5K, but those deals fell through. One cat wanted me to ship it to him so he could play it and if he didn't like it, then he would ship it back to me. YEAH SURE!!!
The crazing on the finish just happened when I polished it in January at my parents' house. I lived there while undergoing the chemotherapy. Want their phone number??? The GHS polish had never done damage to the finish in the past, but it did it the last time. I contacted GHS and they didn't even respond to my inquiry.
The guitar is set up for the MIDI to be installed and Gary Duncan(the same cat that did it on Jer's guitars)can install all that, if you so desire. I couldn't afford it when I bought the guitar in 2005. I have played this guitar a total of 100 hours in the last 7 years. It has no fret wear, nor buckle rash. Except for the recent crazing of the finish, this guitar is in pretty damn good condition.
Now, the reason that I am asking for $5000 is that is the amount of money that I need to get 60 grams of honey oil which will kill my cancer. KILL IT DEAD!!!
I have to drive to San Francisco to get it and that will cost $800 in fuel. The honey oil is $3600. That totals $4400. I would need $600 spending money while in the "Cool Grey City of Love". I have a free place to stay, but would still need some walking around money.
Again, I am sorry that some of you feel this is some type of scam.
I will tell y'all this, I am A LOT of things, but a liar and thief...I AM NOT!!!
Oh yeah, I need to add a photo of the $500 guitar case to the auction page. Those things are the Cadillacs of cases.
If any of you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
Thanks for reading all of this and please forgive any grammatical errors found therein.
Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!!!
Hunter Harrison
And to ALL MEN out there that are 35 or older, please schedule a colonoscopy ASAP. Even if your insurance company refuses to pay(they won't until age 50), then plunk down the $3K out of pocket and get that peace of mind.
THANKS TO JIMBO for turning me onto this site!!! Thanks to all of those that believe. Chew on this, 100 years ago, 1 out of 100 people got cancer. Today, 1 out of 2 women will get in in their lifetimes and 1 out of 3 men will get it.
Colon Cancer is the NUMBER 2 when it comes to cancer-related deaths and it is the most preventable. GO GET SNAKED!! It ain't that bad. I have had 3 with number 4 knocking on the door!!!
 #113863  by machinefunk1987
 Sun May 13, 2012 8:00 am
Another plus, if any of you decide to purchase this wont' have to wait 6 to 9 months to get it. INSTANT GRATIFICATION...that is the nation that we live in today. Again, I want to thank all of you that have wished me well. I had a friend that was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer last May and he died on 4.1.12. He didn't even make it a year, but he gave up. I am a pugnacious hillbilly that will die with my boots on and not in some beige room at some hospice under fluorescent lighting(causes cancer by constantly emitting mercury vapors whether on or off). Thanks again!!! Hunter Harrison
If any of you have any questions or would like to see photos of my road map looking abdomen then e-mail me at!!!
 #113874  by Smolder
 Sun May 13, 2012 12:42 pm
Hunter... Best of luck in the selling of your baby. Sorry for the health issues and tough choices you're dealing with... Positive waves and thoughts in our direction. I hope you find success and peace in your journey towards a long lifetime.
 #113887  by Poor Peter
 Sun May 13, 2012 6:28 pm
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. I know you didn't come here looking for sympathy, your waaaay past that point. Glad you chimed in. The positive energy here will help you on your journey brother.
 #113888  by machinefunk1987
 Sun May 13, 2012 7:20 pm
Again, I want to thank all of those that believed me and my story. It is certainly not something that I would create to try and sell a guitar. That guitar is the ONLY thing in my life that is worth that kind of money. Nobody purchased it on ebay this time around either. I am going to post it again. I had an offer of $3000, but I paid much more than that in 2005. It is the fifth one that Phil ever made. It is a REMARKABLE instrument to touch. I had an old friend that has played the all say to me that he had "never felt a guitar like that" a couple of weeks ago. I hate to sell it, but dead men can't play 3 chords!!!
This message is being typed by someone that was told they would be dead in December of 2010. I still have shit to do on this Earth and I WANT TO LIVE to see my nieces get married in 20 years. I don't care about stats and percentages. I KNOW that if I make up my mind to live, then I will live. I also know that $5000 will save my life and KILL MY CANCER!!! Thanks again for the kind words and LOVE!!! I am happy that Jimbo steered me to this group. It has lifted my spirits reading all the positive posts on here. THANKS AGAIN!!!
 #113890  by strumminsix
 Sun May 13, 2012 8:27 pm
Welcome to the forum and glad you are here!!! I hope your guitar sells and you overcome the fight!

Please don't take offense to the doubters of which I was one. We've all seen some odd things so just being careful.
 #113895  by machinefunk1987
 Mon May 14, 2012 8:06 am
Hey Zoooombiex,
Sorry I hurt your feelings with my "rude reply", but I have more important things in my life to deal with than fuckin' font size in an ebay auction!!!
Why were you even looking at my auction??? You clearly can't afford a Phiga.
If I could afford to refinish the guitar, then I would do it. I need money to KILL CANCER, not refinish guitars.
You need to get a fuckin' life and stay the fuck out of mine, you TROLL!!!
Hunter Harrison
 #113897  by eric
 Mon May 14, 2012 9:42 am
machinefunk1987 wrote:Hey Zoooombiex,
You clearly can't afford a Phiga.

Well apparently , neither can you ....
 #113898  by TI4-1009
 Mon May 14, 2012 9:43 am
Cancer or not, I just don't like this guy. Cancer and being a jerk aren't mutually exclusive.
 #113899  by hippieguy1954
 Mon May 14, 2012 9:58 am
TI4-1009 wrote:Cancer or not, I just don't like this guy. Cancer and being a jerk aren't mutually exclusive.
Unless you have or have had cancer, how would you know? Besides that, I don't really think anyone cares if you like him or not :lol:
:smile: :smile: :smile:
 #113903  by zoooombiex
 Mon May 14, 2012 10:49 am
machinefunk1987 wrote:Hey Zoooombiex,
Sorry I hurt your feelings with my "rude reply", but I have more important things in my life to deal with than fuckin' font size in an ebay auction!!!
Why were you even looking at my auction??? You clearly can't afford a Phiga.
If I could afford to refinish the guitar, then I would do it. I need money to KILL CANCER, not refinish guitars.
You need to get a fuckin' life and stay the fuck out of mine, you TROLL!!!
Hunter Harrison
I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, so for now here is a cordial response:

1. You didn't "hurt my feelings." As I said in my email, you can use whatever font you like. That's not the point. See #2.

2. The point is that I was trying to help you sell your guitar. However you may personally feel about writing in all caps, you are trying to sell your guitar to *other* people, so you need to think about how those *other* people will view your ad. (That's why I sent the links with the studies showing that most people find all caps hard to read.) Making the ad attractive and easy to read is just a quick, simple thing you can do to increase your chances of selling the guitar and get the money you need to get healthy, which is the ultimate goal.

3. For the same reason, you are welcome to refinish the guitar or not. It makes no difference to me. Again, I was trying to help you get this sold. Your auction says the guitar "can be refinished for a nominal fee." If it's really a "nominal fee" you will ultimately make more money by refinishing it and then selling it. (And as I suggested in another post, under your circumstances you might be able to get it refinished for free or extremely cheap as a charitable gesture. It's at least worth looking into.) If it's not actually a "nominal fee" to get it refinished, then you should probably revise your ad to be accurate in that regard, and you will probably need to carefully evaluate how much you expect to sell this guitar for in its current condition. Alternatively, if you don't want to have it refinished prior to selling, perhaps you could talk to Phiga about making an arrangement to refinish it for the purchaser (e.g., you send the guitar directly to Phiga and he refinishes it, then sends it to the buyer. That way the buyer receives a guitar in perfect shape and doesn't have to hassle with the refinish issue. And who knows, maybe Phiga will cut the buyer a break on the cost?)

Again, the ultimate goal here is to get the guitar sold for as much as possible so you can buy whatever you need to get healthy. You have a nice guitar but with one glaring problem that will scare off a lot of buyers. Anything you can do to make the buyer comfortable with how to resolve the finish issue will ultimately get the guitar sold faster and for more money.

4. I was looking at your auction because I like Jerry-style guitars. I have no interest in purchasing it, just in helping you get it sold. (Incidentally, I got quite a chuckle to read that I "clearly can't afford a Phiga.") I buy and sell a lot of high-end gear, and so thought I would pass along an easy suggestion to help you out. Some additional suggestions that don't cost you anything would be to take some hi-res photos in good lighting (natural light is best - try to avoid using the camera flash because it always makes things look funny), throw on some new strings, give the fretboard a good cleanup, and polish the body, knobs, etc.

Finally, I'd like to address this last sentence you wrote:
machinefunk1987 wrote:You need to get a fuckin' life and stay the fuck out of mine, you TROLL!!!
I've never said a harsh word to you and I don't appreciate your personal attacks. My family and I have been through many crises on par with or worse than yours and they are no excuse for being rude, particularly towards those who are trying to help. There are a lot of friendly people here that are happy to help out -- unless you drive them away.