Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #173683  by barefootdave
Up for sale, my trusty old Mutron - I never use it anymore.

Only a couple of minor issues, which do NOT affect the sound:

No power cord, so only the 9-volt is available for power unless you can find your own cord.

The shaft for the top switch for LP/BP/HP is broken off - you can turn it with a screwdriver or pliers - that never mattered to me as I always left it in the same setting, once you get this thing dialed in there is no reason to change the settings unless you want to move AWAY from the Jerry tone (and you wouldn't be buying this pedal if you wanted that.

Other than that, the knobs and switches work exactly as they should.

This is NOT the HAZ version, this is the all-original version. I have owned it for about 15 years and it's time to move it to someone that will use it more than I am.

$575 via Paypal gets it, will be listed later this week on eBay - you can get it first. Looks like the ones that have sold recently went from $600-$1000 with the HAZ versions selling for quite a bit less with good reason...

PM me if you want to discuss!