Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #167065  by mmegrian
 Mon Mar 23, 2020 4:54 am
Local Pick-up-Massachusetts 2200$ OBO

Hello there,

I am looking to unload my Jerry rig. Not to any fault of the's fantastic. Trying to raise funds for an April 1st payroll.....

Sarno Pre-Amp with Jerry Mods. Mint condition, probably 10 hrs on it. Purchased Xmas 2019.

MC250-MINT, with original packaging and box including user manuals and original owner receipt. This is a closet queen. Not a scratch.

2xJBL D120F the orange frame ones. Both recently re-coned by Weber.

2x 1x12 Hard trucker/SSP style cabinets. I used Tracy's plan to make them (thank you Tracy). All joinery no screws. They have rubber feet on bottom and faux leather handles (fender style). I protected the face of the speakers with a 12 in speaker grill. They stack nicely. Feet clear the handles.

I will throw in 2 sets of hard trucker style aluminum speaker clips which I didn't use.

I will also throw in a Scott Walker Buffer/Booster which I never installed in my guitar.

Pictures on Request....I have to upload them somewhere or email.